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Slimming Treatments

How to save money on slimming.


Now you can try this slimming treatment from Dudur in the convenience of your home without spending a fortune. Save your time and money. You can expect to see improvement after the first application.

Price per treatment
Slimming Bath
30 min
Slimming Algae Body Scrub
5 min
5 min
Slimming Mask
30 min
Slimming Cream
5 min
Marine Shower Gel
5 min
Total per treatment
75 min

Here is my weekly slimming budget. If you are lucky you can purchase these products on sale. The best deal I had from Dudur was 20% discount plus free gift. Normally they send a gift $20 value. So, substract 20% from my initial calculation and $5 (proportion from the gift that should last for at least 4 slimming). You end up with spending around 20 bucks per week to have slimming treatment at home, which will cost you a fortune at a salon (the cheapest I found was $100 plus 20% gratuities). Please, feel free to visit my favorite slimming links.


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